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"Jinn" Innovation Project

This name characterizes our system quite accurately. In any place and at any time it’s enough to turn on “Jinn” and Wi-Fi connection appears between ES (tablets, phones, laptops, netbooks, etc.) at a distance of up to 200 meters. Since Jinn DOES NOT use provider channels — neither mobile communications nor the Internet — an increased level of information protection and security is achieved.

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The Main Goals of the Innovation Project


In April-June 2019, we developed a system of autonomous local information transfer between objects equipped with Wi-Fi devices. The development goal was saving money necessary for laying communication cables between electronic devices (EU), the distance between which exceeds 100 meters.


As a result, it was possible to transmit HD video streaming to a distance of up to 200 meters between the EU in an open area. Using inexpensive Wi-Fi devices, free and self-written (proprietary) software, the cost of the developed wireless communication system amounted to about 70% of the cost of similar wired systems.


At a secure facility of a large area with distances between buildings of more than 100 meters, the communication system we developed was installed, configured and its effective work was successfully demonstrated to representatives of the company's management.


During the development of Jinn, research and patent searches were carried out. A report on these activities will be published as the Jinn innovation project.

"Jinn" Innovation Project

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"Jinn" Innovation Project

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